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OOC Abilities List
Copied and updated from this post.

Stuff what Karla can do:

Jewel Ranks
From lightest (least powerful) to darkest (most powerful)
Tiger Eye
Purple Dusk
Opal--The dividing line between lighter and darker Jewels because it can be either. So anyone wearing Purple Dusk and above wear light Jewels, anyone wearing Green and below wear dark Jewels. Opal can be either, depending on the amount of power it holds. Canon never explains it better than that.
Sapphire--Karla's Birthright Jewel. She still has access to her Birthright Sapphire and the power contained therein.
Ebon-Gray--Karla's current Jewel, her Jewel of rank. It was the Jewel she earned during her Offering to the Darkness. This Jewel represents her full, adult strength. Canonically, she only descends to the Gray, but after four years in Fandom, I thought she had every reason to descend to her full potential.
Ebony--Jaenelle's Jewel of rank. She is ~*speshul*~ and fancy and presumably no one else will ever have this Jewel again.

When making the Offering, a person can descend a maximum of three ranks from the Birthright Jewel. Birthright White, for example, could stay at White, or become Yellow, Tiger Eye, or Rose.

Blood Hierarchy & Castes
Landens: Non-Blood of any race. Not actually a part of Blood society.

Blood Male/Female: A general term for all individuals of the Blood when used with a lowercase 'm' or 'f'; the uppercase 'M' or 'F' refers specifically to any member of the Blood who isn't powerful enough to wear Jewels. Karla is a Blood female, but not a Blood Female. A Blood Male or Female is still a member of Blood society and can sign a contract with a coven or a Court, enter personal service, or hold any occupation not affiliated with a specific caste (ie jewelers, farmers, merchants, chirurgeons, etc).

witch/Warlord: While any Jeweled female is a witch-with-a-lowercase-w, when being used as a hierarchical term, it refers to Jeweled females who do not belong to a caste. A witch can wear any Jewel rank. Surreal, for example, is a Gray-Jeweled witch, and quite powerful in her own right, even though she does not belong to a caste. A Warlord is a Jeweled male who is equal in status to witches. He very rarely, if ever, rises to the killing edge and a Warlord from a short-lived race will likely experience rut once or twice in his life it at all.

Healer: A witch who belongs to the Healer caste. She heals physical wounds and illnesses. She is equal in status to Priestesses and Princes.

Priestess: A witch who belongs to the Priestess caste. She cares for altars, Sanctuaries, and Dark Altars, witnesses handfasts and marriages, and performs offerings. She is equal in status to Healers and Princes.

Princes: A Jeweled male equal in status to Priestesses and Healers. He is quicker to anger than a Warlord, and more aggressive and territorial, though still hard to provoke to the killing edge. He experiences rut only a few times in his life.

Black Widow: A witch who belongs to the Hourglass. She heals the mind, weaves tangled webs of dreams and visions, is trained in illusions and poisons. She can divine the future, create powerful illusions, effect other people's dreams, and are highly empathic. She is trained to read, attack, and heal minds. All Black Widows have a snake tooth under the right ring finger along with the ability to naturally produce venom which appears at the onset of puberty. Every Black Widow must train and serve in her territory’s Coven of the Hourglass; she can also serve in a Court or enter into personal service, or have a private practice. All Black Widows must have at least one Jeweled male in personal service to her, in order to ensure her safety and protection. Black Widows are considered to be the most dangerous and sexual of the Blood female castes. Equal in status to none, Black Widows answer only to Queens, Warlord Princes, and other Black Widows of a darker Jewel rank. In rare cases, an extremely powerful Black Widow can rule in the absence Queen.

Warlord Princes: A Jeweled male slightly lower in status than a Queen. In very rare cases, an extremely powerful Warlord Prince can rulein the absence of a Queen. Warlord Princes are dangerous, territorial, extremely aggressive, and highly sexual, often going into rut once or twice a year. More than any other male caste, they have the need to bond with a Queen.

Queen: A witch who rules the Blood. She is considered to be the land’s heart and the Blood’s moral center; she's the focal point of their society. They are the highest ranked females and most rare of all the castes. Queens tend to the land, being the only ones who have the Craft to heal the land after it has been damaged or tainted. Queens are born with the instinct to protect their land, territory, and people. A Queen’s very strength, psychic scent, and nature will draw males to her, from which she chooses her Court. To make a claim to rule, a Queen must have a Court consisting of at least twelve Blood males, have made the Offering to the Darkness, and undergone her Virgin Night. To confirm her position ruling anything larger than a Village, a majority of the other ruling Queens in must acknowledge her. If a Queen challenges another or more than one Queen vies for the same throne, a general election is held, usually of Queens from that same general area. A Queen can rule a Township, District, Province, or Territory. They may as well hold a small, independent, non-ruling court.

Basic Craft
Canon Examples of Basic Craft

*Call in items (make them appear)

*Vanish items (make them disappear)

*Move on air (this includes, walking, running, sitting, sleeping, etc)

*Create shields of various strengths, sizes, and shapes. This includes:
*Sight-shields (render things within the shield invisible)
*Aural shields (render things within the shield completely inaudible from without)
*Inner walls and barriers protect the mind and spirits of the Blood so their thoughts cannot be heard and their emotions influenced by Craft.

*Call/Float objects (move them through the air like telekinesis)

*Create energy bolts/weapons/etc

*Pass objects (including herself) through other objects (walls, floors, sand, metal, concrete)

*Create witchlights

*Create witchfire

*Speak on psychic threads

*Tell psychic scents (much like auras, though they can tell caste, identity, emotions, and all sorts of things from them.)

*Fly with wings made of fabric that use Craft.

*Create phantom limbs (usually just the sensation of being touched by numerous hands)

This list will be updated as canon introduces more

Caste Abilities
*Heals physical wounds and illnesses
*Weaves Healing webs for complex/life-threatening wounds and illnesses
*Brews many kinds of potions, tinctures, and teas, such as:
*Healing potions (don't stay effective very long)
*Contraceptive brews for both males and females
*Sleeping draughts, burn lotions, moontime-teas, etc

Black Widow:
*Heals the mind
*Weaves tangled webs of visions, and illusions
*Tangled webs are very powerful and can be used to weave complex illusions like what she did for the multicultural fair as well as some very nasty surprises.
*Also used to see the future. It can either be a very clear vision, or just fragments
*Adept with poisons, including neutralizing certain ones
*Prophetic dreaming
*Has a snake tooth (a small tooth attached to a poison sac. There's a hollow under their ring-finger nail where it will emerge. The poison is virulent enough to kill a man)

*Rules the Blood
*Heals the hearts of the people
*Heals the land (A Queen is called the the 'land's heart')

Caste abilities seem limited compared to what can be done with basic Craft, but that's not so. Basic Craft has a lot of very specific abilities. Caste Craft has a fewer number of abilities, but they're correspondingly more versatile and complex. A Black Widow, for example, could weave a tangled web to: create a full-sensory illusion, to trap a mind or soul, to make someone believe they're a frog, to tell the future, etc.

*The darker a Jewel a witch wears, the more it affects her metabolism and physical maturity. She will mature later and more slowly than her lighter-Jeweled and landen sisters. She will also need to eat more, as her Jewel will burn through food and food reserves rapidly. Karla needs to eat often. Also, she can drink a LOT more (without feeling any affects from the alcohol) than a girl her size is supposed to. She needs to drink strong booze quickly in order to get tipsy, and if she stops drinking for any real length of time, she'll sober up again pretty fast.

*During the first three days of her moon-time, Karla cannot wear her Jewels and is limited to basic Craft only. This is a time of intense vulnerability and fear for her. In Kaeleer, the males become extra short-tempered, irritable, and prone to violence out of concern for the vulnerable female. Something similar happens during pregnancy; witches cannot even wear their Jewels without discomfort. The Jewels need to be drained by other members of the Blood if they are to be worn. Using Craft during a pregnancy will cause incredible pain to the point of blacking out. If a with persists in using Craft, she will lose the baby and the ability to have more.

*Anyone can be broken. It is easier to break females however, because until they have their Virgin Night, access to their powers "hangs by the hymenal thread." If she loses her virginity in a way that is not sufficiently gentle, there is a high-likelihood that she will become broken and will be unable to do anything more than simple Craft.

*A witch can gain back her powers and caste-abilities if she surrenders her sanity. Madness is referred to as the Twisted Kingdom (seems to be both a mental state and a place). She will have access to her powers, but will be crazy liek whoa.

*A child conceived through violence will be automatically aborted by the witch's body. If she truly wants the child, she will have to fight her body's instincts in order to protect the fetus. Once the body has aborted the child, the witch will never be able to conceive again.

*The Blood have no law against murder. Rape, however, is punishable by execution.