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Office #9, Thursday Afternoon
Karla's trip to the preserve during class had left her even more weary than before. She'd done what any Queen in her position would do--she'd sat down and poured her power into the land, trying to coax the life back into it. But it didn't matter how much power she sank into it--there'd be a moment of change, a ripple of green, and then nothing.

The entire trip had been stressful and fruitless, which was a winning combination all the way around.

With Kayla finally napping in her playpen--Jono was a lifesaver--Karla decided that she could afford a nap herself and curled up on the couch she'd had handwavily brought in back when she was pregnant. Just a short nap, no more than twenty minutes. Then a late lunch and then she and Kayla would go home. Whatever else was going on with the island could be handled by other people. People who didn't have teething four month olds who could feel the damage done to the island, for example.

But first, a nap. Definitely a nap...

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The door to the office slowly opened. A bat fluttered in the doorway, once, twice, and then suddenly a silent puff of purple smoke surrounded it and the figure of a tall man in a black cloak rose up to fill the doorway, his dark eyes narrowed and directed firmly at the figure on the couch.

He glided silent the rest of the way into the office, paying no mind to anything except the sleeping blonde on the couch. As he got closer, his hand lifted involuntarily. What he needed... right there... so close...

He bent over her, his gaze now riveted to the long exposed neck. The clawed fingers of one hand lifted to her clavicle. He set a finger on her exposed flesh and with a gentle flick of his wrist and a little assistance of his magic, he made his cut.

The dark grey jewel fell from the now broken chain into Drac's hand. His eyes, still feverish, now glittered with a small amount of, well, hope, and satisfaction.

He settled a small cloud of magic over Karla as he backed away. If she woke and sat up into it, she would be a little pleasantly befuddled for a moment. Hopefully. He hadn't done that bit of magic in a while...

He turned and began to head for the door to leave.


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There was a small noise from the playpen. Kayla had woken back up and was starting to fuss. In a moment, she'd start to cry and then Karla would wake right up.


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That noise stopped Drac in his tracks and he turned, his face clouding as he saw the playpen. He hadn't realized there was someone else in the room!

He looked back to the sleeping woman, then tucked the jewel into an inner pocket near his chest and moved cautiously but urgently towards the playpen.

no title

He leaned over the edge slowly at first and then a little faster as his face broke into a huge grin.
no title

"Shhh! Ahhhhhh! Peakaboo, little one!" he whispered, reaching his head close to the baby. SUCH A CUTE BABY GIRL!! "No waking mommie, now. Shhhh."

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Kayla looked up at the silly man and broke into a smile. Hi silly man! She babbled at him for a few seconds, the grabbed her toes to show him. Her toes were very important, see?


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"Ah! Look at you." Drac recognized the presentation of toes! "You have tiny toeses! On no. Look at those tiny toeses!"

He stretched a hand and tickled one of those toeses. "Who's a good girl?"

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Karla woke with a yawn, feeling roughly a thousand times better than she had when she'd fallen asleep. She sat up, yawning and stretching, immediately looking to Kayla, who was geebling happily to herself in her playpen. "Mommy slept a long time, didn't she, little girl? Longer than she meant to, in fact."

She blinked a few times, trying to clear the cobwebs from her brain. "Too long, I think. Made Mommy's thoughts slow." She pushed herself up off the couch, intending to go pick Kayla up and check to see if she needed changing or a feeding.

Only to see a familiar gold chain fall to the ground. Her hand rose up to her neck only to discover that her Ebon-gray was gone.

And then she screamed.


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What the -?

Bob had been in his office working on something new for Harry, but that scream startled him enough to ruin his work. After a wistful sigh, he ran through the walls toward the source of it.

He frowned as he looked around, seeing only a teacher and a - safe, thank goodness - baby. "Are you all right? What happened?"


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Karla flung herself at him, this stranger. "You!" she snarled, hand crooked into a claw. She had so very little Craft left without her Jewel, but plenty of rage to give her a boost.

She reached forward and clenched her fist in the air, meaning him to drag him forward by Craft alone. "What did you do with my Jewel?!"


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Bob blinked at the feel of her magic as it went through him.

"If you don't mind! I couldn't do anything to anybody's jewels if I wanted to. Now, would you like any help I can give, or would you rather overreact at me some more?"


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Karla really, really wanted to overreact a little more. This male had no idea what it meant for her to have lost her Jewel. She was more than naked, she was vulnerable in a way she hadn't been in months and even then, her males her closed ranks around her to keep her safe.

And then, she'd known why and where and for how long. Now? Now she had no idea. Someone had stolen her Jewel. She was lost.

"Did you see anyone? Hear anyone? Are there any squirrels around!" Karla bent over to lift Kayla up and hold her close. "My Jewel was stolen! A...a reservoir for my Craft. Someone came into my office while I was sleeping, where my daughter was, and stole the Jewel! I need to find out who it was before they get too far!"

And then she was going to eat their heart.


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"I was in my office until I heard your scream," Bob answered apologetically. "Are you both all right otherwise?"

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Sometimes, Warren liked to think that he had a sixth sense for things like 'When Karla was in danger.' He didn't, of course. But it was nice to think that. So, when he looked back on this particular phone call, he'd probably imagine that the sound of Karla's ringtone as she called him was a bit more urgent than usual.

Again, it wasn't. But Karla didn't often call him from the island, either, so he was already frowning in confusion by the time he answered the call.

"Yes, my love?"


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"It's gone. It's gone, someone came in and took it, came in with Kayla in the room and took it from me! Warren, it's gone!"

Whatever, coherence. Karla didn't need you.


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Warren blinked. Ah. That... That didn't sound great, right there. And then he replayed that whole statement through his mind a second time, and there was a low growl following that blink.

"Is Kayla safe?"

Sorry, Karla. The concern about your Jewel was going to have to wait a moment. Warren was already plotting murder.


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"Of course she's safe!" Karla spat. "I would have led with that if she weren't!"

And probably not over a phone call. Someone would have been sent to fetch him if their daughter had been harmed. Him and possibly a small army.

"But the Ebon-gray is gone!"

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