Queen Karla of Glacia glacial_queen
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Delivered to Points Around the Multiverse
If Karla knew how close Portalocity was cutting it with delivering her invitations to people, she--okay, Lord Mallory, her Steward, who was the one putting this all together because Karla had real work to do--would be having a fit. But he was fortunately ignorant of when the invitations were delivered and since RSVP wasn't a Kaeleeran thing, he didn't have to wonder where the acceptances and regrets were from the non-local people that Karla had invited.

[Text of the image is unimportant! This is the official invitation for Karla's official coronation this weekend. It's all very official, yes, and certainly not at ALL going to be interrupted by weetiny!shenanigans. >.> Many thanks to not_a_parakeet for 'shopping the invitation!]